Just A Few Months After His Death Glen Campbell’s Daughter Shares Heartbreaking News


Glen Campbell’s daughter just shared heartbreaking news months after her father’s death. Prayers.

It was a heartbreaking time watching Glen Campbell slowly pass away from Alzheimer’s disease. Now just months after his death his daughter has posted a heartbreaking post about the day that he died.

She shared that she would not have wanted her father to continue living that way. It technically wasn’t even really living is what Ashely shared about it.

Although it was heartbreaking that Glen passed away, it was kind of relieving because it was so heartbreaking watching him suffer the way that he was.

“No one would want to live like that,” Ashley shared with The Guardian. “It wasn’t what I would call a life. There was relief. I was actually for years looking forward to his suffering being over, because I don’t think he would have wanted to live like that.”

Continuing Ashley shared that when Glen did pass away that it was very peaceful. In fact, she shared all of the details leading up to his heartbreaking death.

Apparently the doctors had said it would be about three to six weeks but the next day they gave about 24 hours.

The family surrounded him and just help his hand as he passed away.

“When he finally did go, it was very peaceful, and I’m glad it didn’t last as long as it could have. One day, the doctors were saying it could be three to six weeks; the next, two weeks; half a day later, 24 hours to three days. So we called in the troops and everyone was around him. We just sat with him and held his hand,” she continued.

I had no idea that he passed away like this. My heart is breaking for this family.


Prayers for the family. This must be so tough to remember. 

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