Just Weeks After Las Vegas Tragedy Jason Aldean Makes Emotional Announcement


Jason Aldean just spoke out for the first time since the horrific Las Vegas tragedy. I can’t believe it…

The shooting that happened at the Route 91 Harvest Festival in last Vegas last month was a devastating time. Especially for Jason Aldean who was on stage at the time the shooter opened fire across thousands in his audience.

Although he cancelled concerts and has stayed on the down low since the tragedy, he has finally talked about it. He was in an interview with the TODAY Show Tuesday morning, and recalled the moment when the gunman opened fire from the hotel room.

Aldean was performing and heard a popping noise that interrupted him. In the beginning, Aldean says he thought there was a problem with the sound equipment.

Not long after people were telling him to run off stage.

“I thought a speaker had blown. It just sounded like a crackling something,” the country music star told TODAY’s Sheinelle Jones.

The crackling sound stopped for a while and he continued to sing. But was eventually overcome with frustration.

“Then it happened again. And it lasted longer the second time. And so then I was actually kind of getting aggravated. So I looked over at my monitor guys that’s on the side of the stage as if to say ‘What is that?’ and ‘Fix it,'” he recalled.

“And so when I turned to look, my guitar player had run behind me and was telling me to move, like ‘Let’s go!’ My security guy was running on stage telling me to run.”

Aldean and his crew escaped without injury, but the gunfire continued.

“Everybody just kind of panicked, and didn’t really know where to go, or what to do,” he said. “It was just kind of crazy, pandemonium.”

For the first week after the shooting Aldean says that he cancelled all of his shows. Now, that everyone is performing again he believes that it’s really helping everyone heal.

“Honestly, being back on stage probably helped us more than anything, which is crazy,” he said.


Wow. I bet he is scarred for life…

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