Just Weeks Before His World Tour Ends, Garth Brooks Shares Emotional Update


Garth Brooks is finished up his world tour and now he has fans emotional after his latest update.

It has been a crazy three years for country star Garth Brooks while on his World Tour. Touring non-stop and making himself CMA’s six-time entertainer of the year.

His tour is going to end onDec. 16 at Nashville’s Bridgestone Arena. It’s an emotional time but an exciting time for the artists. His plans for after his tour are simple too.

“Sleep. Christmas. Sleep. New Year’s Eve. Sleep.”

He recently interviewed while backstage at Wednesday’s (Nov. 8) CMA Awards press conferences. The country star shared that his world tour was originally supposed to be a year-and-a-half.

Eventually it was going for three years and three months. Now 400 shows later he is ready to settle down at home and rest, rest, rest.

Garth released an emotional update sharing all of the feelings he had while on tour. Of course, it was an emotional roller coaster but he loved everything about it. It was the best time of his life, but also the most exhausting.

“We call it being wired and tired,” Brooks said. “We’re all exhausted. But at the same time, you’re having the best time of your life, and you don’t want it to end. So you’re naturally like this.

You’re an emotional wreck and feel very lucky that people are not only showing up in the numbers that they’re showing up, but it’s the attitude in which they’re showing up that just makes you love them and never want you to leave that stage.”

Continuing he shared that he believes he’s still as relevant as he was when his first single came out. That was 28 years ago, and he is still selling out his concerts.

He shared the only difference is that he isn’t signed to a huge label company anymore. Brooks believes that its all because of his fans. It’s the people.

Even though he doesn’t understand why they chose him, he loves them and is honored to be doing this!

“I’m not even sure what the whole diagram of this business is anymore in music,” he said. “As far as the world tour, I would love to take credit for it, but … it’s the crowd. If you guys have never seen a Garth Brooks show, and you’re just wondering what the hell is going on, come see it because it will explain everything.

It’s the people. And I don’t know why they have chosen us. It’s just our job to say thank you as loud as we can.”


This is awesome!! We love you, Garth! Enjoy your break!

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