Longtime Country Music Legend Just Got The Emotional News About The Grand Ole Opry


Famous country legend just got emotional news about the Grand Ole Opry leaving us all in tears. WOW!

It was just last night that legendary country star Chris Young had the most emotional induction of his life. The country star walked onto the Grand Ole Opry stage on Tuesday night while the crowd gave him a standing ovation cheering him on.

This was something that Young will definitely never forget. He was even introduced by the legendary Brad Paisley to the audience which made it more special than before.


Paisley shared that Chris was about to have an ultimate dream come true and it was truly priceless.

“Chris loves this so much, this is history in the making. You are in the building where someone’s ultimate dream is about to come true.”

You may remember Vince Gill was the one who invited Young to be the next member of the Grand Ole Opry on Aug. 29. At the time of the invitation Young was speechless and picked Gill up in his arms to share the biggest hug in country music history.

Young didn’t pickup Brad Paisley at the time of his official induction, but he was very emotional. He even pointed out that he hadn’t left the Opry’s historic circle since he walked on stage.

“You are part of something that’s living and breathing. And will have a home on this stage for the rest of your life. You can come out and sing anything you want to sing. And, we will be so proud to have you here.”

Young was so overwhelmed that all he could say was “thank you” in the mic. Later he shared that he will forever be left speechless after his induction.

“Now it’s not just that I went to Bill Anderson’s fan club party. Which I did before I had my record deal. It’s not just that I went fishing with Little Jimmy Dickens,” Young said. “And not just those stories now. It’s that I’m also in that family, and it means the world to me.”

Wow! Beautiful. Congratulations Chris Young, you deserve this!!

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