Luke Bryan Opens Up About Parenting After Heartbreaking Loss


Luke Bryan just opened up about his parenting after devastating loss. This is so sad.

If you are a Luke Bryan fan you know that his life hasn’t been rainbows and glitter. The country star has suffered much loss in his life, and still grieves over it. It also affects the way he parents.

Bryan has lost both his brother and sister to unexpected deaths. He also lost his brother-in-law. He and his wife decided that they would take in both his nephew and nieces after the horrifying incident.


Bryan’s brother Chris died in a car accident in 1996. His sister Kelly died in 2007, not long after Bryan made his Grand Ole Opry debut. Kelly’s husband died in December 2014, meaning it was up to Bryan and his wife Caroline to help care for the couple’s children, Til, Kris and Jordan. –Taste

You would think that the country star would want to shy away from any conversation regarding the deaths. But that’s not it at all.

In a recent interview with Taste of Country Bryan admitted that talking about his late brother and sister brings him comfort and emotional healing. He also shared that the deaths of Chris and Kelly also affect how he parents sons Bo and Tate.

It also affects and how he relates to his nephew Til and his nieces Kris and Jordan. He continued to share that he believes his losses are helping him relate to his fans.

So, instead of hiding it he talks about it with others and his nieces and nephews.

“At the end of the day talking about it helps you rather than compartmentalizing it than tucking it away. So it’s always better to put you’re emotions out there.” The CMA Entertainer of the Year nominee says.

Bryan said that it has changed his perspective on parenting. He tries his best to make sure that each of his boys enjoy each other. Although they still rough house, he wants them to still love each other no matter what.

“I try to encourage my boys to wake up and enjoy each day, seize the moment, enjoy each other.” Bryan tells ToC.  “And they are gonna be brothers and beat each other up, but at the end of the day, they have to teach how to truly love each other and be on each other’s side.”

I can’t imagine how hard this must be for Luke and his wife after so much loss! And I hope their boys learn the true meaning of love and family and keep it with them forever.


I love Luke…

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