Miranda Lambert Slams Blake Shelton On Stage, I Can’t Believe She Said This


Miranda Lambert just bashed Blake Shelton in front of her entire audience. I can’t believe this really happened!

We all thought when Miranda Lambert announced she was dating again that she would let the whole Blake Shelton thing go. It looks like that wasn’t the case for the country music star, and she just said something that has us all in shock.

At one of her most recent concerts, the country star changed some lyrics to her song and we can’t help but think that she was taking a jab at Blake Shelton. Of course, none of us know the real story behind what happened to the two love birds but rumor has it that she cheated on him.

Lambert’s Living Like Hippies Tour started on Thursday (Jan. 18) in Greenville, South Carolina. She performed many of her hit songs, one in particular “Little Red Wagon.”

This was the song that she changed the lyrics to and it had us all with our jaws to the floor. Honestly, you can tell that she’s still a little salty about all of the Blake Shelton stuff.

In her original recording, Lambert sang the words “You only love me for my big sunglasses/And my Tony Lomas/I live in Oklahoma.

At the time she was living in OK with her “husband” Blake Shelton. But she is totally over that now because she smashed him hard on stage.

Miranda changed her song lyrics to “I got the hell out of Oklahoma,” which had her fans screaming at the top of their lungs. 

To be fair, she didn’t HAVE to technically be bashing Blake Shelton. But with lyrics like that, how could you mean anything different?

The good thing is that by this point Blake is as happy as can be with his little Gwen Stefani. Watch Lambert in the video below:

This is so strong! I hope it doesn’t cause drama!

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