Ray Phiri Just Lost His Battle With Lung Cancer, I Hate Cancer


Famous musician is dead after a long battle with lung cancer. Prayers for the family.

He is a South African musician who is featured on Paul Simon’s album, “Graceland.” Unfortunately, Ray Phiri has died at age 70.

Phiri died on Wednesday after months of treatment. His rep, Paul Nkanyane, says the artist was suffering from lung cancer. He died from complications of the lung cancer.

He is internationally known and considered one of the greatest South African musicians. Not only that, but he is one of the biggest contributors to Paul Simon’s Graceland album.


“Internationally, Phiri is known primarily for his contributions to Paul Simon’s Graceland album. And ensuing tours. It is his guitar and arrangements that help define the distinctly South African sound of the project.”

Graceland has a Grammy Award for album of the year in 1987. It appears on many critics lists as one of the best albums of the 1980s. Needless to say, it is one of Phiri’s greatest accomplishments as an artist.

The African National Congress released a statement Wednesday. The statement was regarding Phiri’s many contributions to South Africa’s music industry.

His impact on people through music is something that will never been forgotten.

“Ray Phiri is a voice for the voiceless and a legend of our time. An immensely gifted composer, vocalist, and guitarist. He breathed consciousness and agitated thoughts of freedom through his music. He has played his role in unearthing and support new talent in the industry. And he has been an ardent and vocal advocate of the call for greater investment in local content development, and the development of the industry as a whole.”

Phiri, says that Graceland is his saving grace. According to Phiri, meeting Paul Simon while living in South Africa chanced Phiri’s life forever.

Therefore, music isn’t just a hobby to Phiri, but it is like a religion to him. He loves the power that music has to unify. And the power that it has to bring people together. This why he believes Graceland is such a huge success.

“Here I was, living in South Africa. Then here comes a particular individual called Paul Simon. For me, music is the closest thing to religion. And if it’s utilized in the right way, it can inform and bring people closer. They can find solutions to their problems. Graceland did that.”

Please say a prayer for his family below! This is a heartbreaking loss.


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