Reba Just Made An EMOTIONAL Announcement About The Death Of Her Band


Reba McEntire shares heartbreaking statement about the death of her band members, this is so sad.

If you have been a fan of Reba McEntire or country music for any amount of time, you have probably heard about the devastating tragedy that took place exactly 26 years ago today. Reba McEntire’s entire band was on a plane when it crashed killing everyone on board.

Guitarist Chris Austin, backup singer Paula Kay Evans, bassist Terry Jackson, bandleader Kirk Cappello, guitarist Michael Thomas, drummer Tony Saputo, and keyboardist Joey Cigainero all played a show with Reba only hours before their plane crashed.


Her seven band members and her tour manager all passed away in the crash on the way to their next tour stop in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

“Moments after takeoff, at approximately 1:40 a.m. on Saturday March 16th, 1991, the small jet’s wing caught the edge of a rock outcropping on the side of a mountain just a mile north of the Mexican-American border and began cartwheeling at 200 mph until it crashed into the side of the mountain, exploding on impact and killing all on board. “

After the major crash took place, Reba interviewed with PEOPLE magazine to share about the experience saying that it was the most awful thing that she has ever experienced in her life. Everyone that was a part of her team was gone in moments.

“By far this is my darkest hour, the most awful thing that ever happened in my life,” Reba told People Magazine just days after the crash. “When you have eight people that you absolutely love and their lives are just wiped out – it’s devastating.”

Immediately after the crash took place, Narvel, Reba’s husband, started to call family members of the deceased band mates. He didn’t want them all to be devastated by the breaking news stories and wanted them to hear about the crash from him personally.

Now, decades later, Reba spoke with Oprah about the incident saying that she is still confused. She says that will be the first thing that she asks God up in heaven.

“And that’s one of the questions I’ll ask God when I get up there,” She confesses.”Why’d you take them so quick? They had so much more to give and we had so much more to learn from them. But we learned from that situation.”

Reba also shared what she learned from this awful experience and says that she always acts like each day is her last.

“And the biggest thing that I’ve learned is: Don’t go a day without telling people you love them and do act like this day could be your last one. Do things that are important. Don’t put it off until tomorrow. “

Watch the full interview below:

This is so heartbreaking…

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