REPORT: Country Music Legend Found Lifeless At Her Home, She Was One Of Elvis’ First Songwriters


Country music legend was just found dead in her home, please say a prayer for the family.

She was one of Elvis Presley’s first song writers, and wrote many hits for the Rock N’ Roll King. Joy Byers has passed away at age 82 and she has definitely left a legacy to continue behind her.

Byers not only wrote for Presley, but her work was well known all across the world. She wrote for many other legendary artists such as Aretha Franklin, Jerry Lee Lewis, Nancy Sinatra, and many others.

This woman not only contributed to the Rock N’ Roll genre, but she contributed to so many others like country and pop music. She had a way of making the audience feel what the lyrics were saying and she will go down in history as one of the greatest writers of her time.


She was married to legendary record producer Bob Johnston, who worked with greats like Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash, and Leonard Cohen and was widowed when he died. Byers passed away on May 10th, 2017 leaving thousands in devastation calling her death a tragedy.

Not only was she an incredible songwriter, she was one of the most genuine and humble individuals to live. In an interview for her book Writing for the King she says that she was so lucky to have been writing for Elvis and to have been successful with him.

“It’s a thrill to have had a bunch of songs recorded by Elvis. Can you imagine lucking into something like that? I was a fifties housewife, living in a lower, middle-class neighborhood, and next thing you know I’m writing songs for Elvis Presley. I was thrilled, just thrilled.”

Just a few of the songs that she wrote for the King were some of his 1960s hits such as “It Hurts Me” and “Please Don’t Stop Loving Me”. She was an incredible soul and will be missed dearly.

Please keep her family in your prayers during this tragic time.


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