REPORT: Country Music Legend Just Made A Desperate Plea, I Hope They Find Her In Time


Country music star shares plea on social media, this is so heartbreaking.

He is one of our favorite Texas Country singers, and he is desperate need of help. Pat Green just shared that his family dog has gone missing.

Green has released seven studio albums and he has even got 15 singles to the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart. This man has made an incredible impact on the country community and we are going to do anything we can to help him find his little pup.

This wasn’t just any little pup, but his pug was his best friend. His family got Ugg in December as a Christmas present for their son, but she has won over all of their hearts since.

So much that the pup has even been traveling on tour with Green on the tour bus. It was Monday afternoon (April 17) when UGG went missing and the family has been desperately searching for her ever since. CMN reported that the dog was missing in hopes of helping Green and his family find their beloved UGG.

“Green’s assistant Phil Crawford that that Ugg escaped from Green’s truck and ran away when Green stopped to pump gas at a station near Jarrell, Texas, close to Interstate 35. “Pat chased after her as far as he could,” Crawford said. “[Ugg] just got freaked out and ran.”

He says that the family is devastated after losing the pup and they would do anything to have her back in their arms. Green also shared a picture of her on his social media account hoping that one of his fans would see it and help him find her.

“Keep a look out for our puppy UGG…”

His wife also posted about the missing pup saying that they would be giving an award to anyone who found her. They just want her home so badly…

This is so heartbreaking! I hope they find her!!!

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