REPORT: Country Music Legend Severly Injured After VICIOUS Dog Attack


Famous country music legend is severely injured after a dog attack. Praying for a quick recovery!

If we know anything about our favorite country music stars it’s that they are not exempt from getting injured. We’ve seen tons of stars have to postpone concerts or get surgeries due to unfortunate injuries.

For example, Luke Bryan once broke his clavicle in a bicycling accident. Chris Stapleton broke a bone and had a detached tendon in his right index finger.

Most recently the wonderful Lee Brice suffered a bloody hand injury after being bitten by Brett Young‘s dog.  It was a vicious attack that left him unable to play guitar.

Now, Dixie Chicks lead Natalie Maines is suffering from a horrifying black eye. She first shared the news about her injury with a sad photo she posted to Instagram on Tuesday (October 10).

You can see that her entire eye is black. It looks so painful! Apparently she just hit hit on a cabinet by accident while hanging out at her house.

My face met the edge of a cabinet door. It’s a look.

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The next day, she shared a second photo of her eye leaving fans cringing. Furthermore, it looked even worse the second day.

This is usually pretty normal with black eyes but I feel so bad that she is having to go through the pain of it. Meanwhile, it doesn’t look pretty on anyone either.

Looking better right? Almost like it never even happened. #shiners

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Thankfully, the next day she gave us a little insight on what really happened. She posted a photo of her cabinet explaining that it was the culprit in this hostile situation. She continued to share that it definitely isn’t going to happen again.

Slam me in the face once, shame on me. Slam me in the face twice, shame on me again. But I’ll just rip your ass right off your hinges and be done. So don’t even think about it.

I’m glad it was nothing serious! Praying for a quick recovery!!


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