REPORT: Country Music Star Just Cancelled 2 Concerts, After DEVASTATING Death News


Country music star forced to cancel concerts after receiving devastating death news. Prayers for the family…

She is considered one of the best new female country music stars, and she has won over all of our hearts. RaeLynn made her big debut on The Voice while on Blake Shelton’s team and now she has just shared tragic news with all of her fans.

RaeLynn has seen a lot of change in her life since her time on The Voice, she has gotten married, and released her debut album “Wildhorse”. Not only that, but her husband also enlisted in the military. Although this has been a tough journey for them she has continued to support him in whatever he chooses to take on as a career.

Thankfully she has made thousands of fans to always support and love her, which is exactly what she is needing from all of them right now. She posted a video to Facebook to explaining to her fans that her Friday (May 19) night concert as well as her concert on Saturday (May 20) have been cancelled.

She postponed the concerts to later September, after finding out that her husbands grandpa passed away. RaeLynn said her apologies to her fans, but let them know how important family is to both her and her husband.

RaeLynn also posted about his death on her Instagram account asking fans for their prayers. Not only is it hard for the family that is with him, but it’s especially hard for Josh who isn’t able to be there with his family during this devastating time.

I hate that she is having to cancel her concerts, but she and her family need all the support that they can get during this devastating time. Check out her full announcement video below:


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