REPORT: David Cassidy In Critical Condition, Doctors Say This Is The End


Famous singer/songwriter David Cassidy is in his final days according to doctors. This is heartbreaking

The wonderful David was rushed to a Florida hospital earlier this week. Reports state that his organs were failing and he was in desperate need of a kidney transplant.

It was just a few months ago that David Cassidy was performing at a concert in Agoura which is near Los Angeles and he fell off the stage. Apparently he had been slurring his words for quite some time during the concert and then he fell off the stage backwards.

Many thought that it was because he was wasted, but later found out that it was because he had been suffering from dementia. Now just months later, doctors are suggesting that this is the end for the star.

According to TMZ he has completely deteriorated and “he’s now in ICU and the family is preparing for the end.” Of course this is a devastating time for his entire family. The decline seemed so quick.

Now, it appears that he has gone on an uncontrollable downward spiral. He now has a breathing tube and doctors say David’s chance of survival is very slim.

As one source puts it, “There’s really no issue anymore for a transplant. It’s futile.”

Apparently, doctors called in his son and ex-wife sharing that it may be their final visit with him. As of now, no other details have been released.

Everyone is still hoping for a miracle, but it doesn’t look like the odds are in David’s favor with this one. Please continue to keep his family and friends in your prayers during this heartbreaking and tragic time.

David is only 67 and although he has lived a very full life, he is too young. We are hoping for a MIRACLE!

Stay strong David, we believe in you!

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