REPORT: Just One Week After Breaking Her Hip Loretta Lynn’s Family Shares Emotional Update


Loretta Lynn just shared an emotional update about her health one week after breaking her hip. Prayers!

It doesn’t look like 2018 is off to the best start for country music legend, Loretta Lynn. Unfortunately, the country superstar broke her hip right at the start of the year.

Her sister, country singer Crystal Gayle, confirmed the news about Loretta’s hip asking for fans to send all of their love and prayers to Loretta. Yesterday, Tuesday, was Crystals birthday and she had a very special birthday wish that she asked of all of her fans.

She posted that her birthday wish was for everyone to send their love and prayers to Lynn. That’s when she confirmed that Loretta had broken her hip just the week before. 

Sadly, it doesn’t sound like  Loretta is in the best condition right now. I mean, who could be after breaking a hip right? Crystal said that Loretta is keeping good spirits during this difficult time and his hoping to be back to normal soon.

It hasn’t been easy though…

“This is my birthday week! My birthday wish is for everyone to send love and prayers to my sister, Loretta Lynn, who fell and broke her hip last week. I was with Loretta yesterday. She is in good spirits and is doing as well as she can be expected with this type of injury.

Thank you for love, prayers and continued support! Crystal.”

This comes just a few months after Loretta suffered a massive stroke. We are hoping that she can make a full recovery from this, as we all already know that she is a fighter.

Apparently her team posted stating that Loretta is doing “well” just to keep fans updated. Prayers for her during this hard time of pain and recovery.


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