REPORT: Loretta Lynn’s Family Just Confirmed The EMOTIONAL News


Days after her stroke Loretta Lynn’s family released emotional announcement. Keep praying!

Friday (May 5) was one of the scariest days for every country music fan. Our beloved Loretta Lynn suffered a life threatening stroke and it left us all in tears.

Loretta suffered the stroke shortly after her 85th birthday and although she was expected to make a full recovery it was such a scary experience for her and her entire family.

“She is currently under medical care and is responsive and expected to make a full recovery.
Loretta, who just celebrated her 85th birthday, has been advised by her doctors to stay off the road while she is recuperating. Regrettably, upcoming scheduled shows will be postponed.”

Since the stroke we have all been praying for Loretta like never before. The country queen was in ICU recovering for about a week, and now her rep has finally released an update on her health.

The statement was released on her website where they shared that she has now been moved to a rehabilitation center. There has been no word on when Loretta will be released from the rehabilitation facility but we are continuing to pray for a quick recovery.

“Loretta has been moved from the hospital facility in to rehabilitation and we’re happy to report she is doing great!”


Family and friends have surrounded Lynn with the most love and support during this devastating time, and it seems to have been helping her recover. They always say that feeling loved and supported helps one heal faster and we are hoping that is the case for beautiful Loretta.

Her sister also released a statement saying that she knows Lynn is going to come out of this.

“She’s a strong woman and I know she’ll come out of this,” Lynn’s sister, Crystal Gayle, told the Associated Press at the time. “Our family appreciates your prayers, love and support. We pray for a speedy recovery.”

We’re praying for you Loretta!!!

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