REPORT: Music Legend George Strait Just Made EMOTIONAL Announcement To Cancer Patient


Country music legend George Strait just shared an emotional announcement to

It all started when a Fort Worth police officer by the name of Damon Cole started dressing up as Superman for community events. He eventually started making visits to local hospitals.

A few years after he started this, he learned about a little boy with cancer who lived in Illinois. The little boy, Bryce, loved Superman. Officer Cole knew he had to go visit so he took time off work to go see Bryce.

That’s when he knew this was a calling, to help kids in the hospital feel happy. He has taken time from his own personal schedule and money out of his pocket to start visiting children in the hospital while dressed up as their favorite super heroes.

He eventually started a page on Facebook called  Heroes & Cops Against Childhood Cancer. On September 30, Officer Cole shared a video on his page to tell the story about a special ten-year-old girl named Bella. He called her “Hero Bella,” and shared that she was given a terminal.

According to NBC, Bella has spent years fighting one thing after the next. She has been diagnosed with the following: cerebral palsy, epilepsy, hydrocephalus with two shunts, brain malformation, osteoporosis, chronic intestinal pseudo obstruction and neurogenic bowels.

A friend told Officer Cole about Bella and when he went to visit her found out that her dream was to go to the beach. Officer Cole kept his page’s followers updated on everything he was doing for Bella. He shared that through the money he had raised through his GoFundMe, and with a little of his own money thrown in, he was helping fund a California vacation for Bella and her family, including a trip to Disneyland.

That wasn’t all that Officer Cole did though. He reached out to her all-time favorite country singer, George Strait.

After a lot of work, the family received a special video for Bella from George Strait. It was so heartfelt and genuine, and had me in tears.

Hey darlin’, I heard you weren’t doing so well,” Strait said. “I just want you to know that I’m thinking about you and I’m praying for you.

Watch the full clip below:

WOW! Amazing…

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