REPORT: One Week After Las Vegas Shootings, Jason Aldean Was Just ATTACKED For….


Jason Aldean has been put on blast one week after the Las Vegas shooting. This is unbelievable!

It was a little over a week ago that country star Jason Aldean was on stage when a man opened fire across the audience. Thousands of country music fans gathered in Las Vegas for some great concerts but their lives were forever changed.

Since the shooting Jason Aldean has cancelled all of his concerts for the week. But now he is in high water with all of those who were at the festival in Vegas.


Apparently he turned down singing the National Anthem at the UFC 216. Now, UFC President Dana White is infuriated with Jason.

Dana wanted Jason to have the opportunity to come back and play for all of his fans that were hurt or killed. His camp shared with White that he was still too emotionally shook to perform.

“His image was more important than coming back to Vegas and playing for the people who are his fans and who got shot watching him play,” White says.

“F*ck you, Jason Aldean. Stay out of Vegas.”

This must of not been the whole truth and nothing but the truth, though. The reason Dana is so mad is because Jason Aldean refused to play for the fights, but performed on “Saturday Night Live” at the same time.

Apparently he wasn’t the only country star that turned down the offer either. White says the country community owes it to their fans.

“Country music was attacked. Those were country music fans. Those are people who buy your albums and none of you country music people could sing the anthem in front of survivors and 1st responders?”

White offered a ton of praise to Everlast — who stepped in and performed instead.

“This isn’t about money. This is about the badass people who fought through this sh*t that this coward (shooter) did.”

I can’t believe Jason did this. Do you think he should have went back to Vegas? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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