Stricken With Grief, Keith Urban Releases A Tough Video… This Is Hard To Watch


2016 was a rough year for country music and music in general because we lost so many incredible legends.

Since 2016 was such a devastating time for so many in the music industry, Keith Urban has decided to create a tribute to all of those we lost the past year. It was just a couple of days ago that Urban and his wife Nicole Kidman took the stage at his Music City Midnight New Year’s Eve performance in Nashville to tribute to the artists and now he’s doing one on his own for fans that missed it.

First he and Nicole took the stage tributing to artists with a melody of Merle Haggard’s “Mama Tried,” Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah,” Glenn Frey’s “Take It Easy,” David Bowie’s “Heroes,” and Prince’s “Purple Rain.” It was so emotional and since it was such a great performance Keith posted a video of him doing the melody alone on his YouTube account.


Urban is sitting in the comfort of his own home with just his acoustic guitar and he starts playing and singing one of the most beautiful tributes that i’ve ever heard. He sand songs by Merle Haggard, Leonard Cohen, Glenn Frey, David Bowie, Prince, and George Michael. Plus a few more.

His transitions between the songs were so smooth and his voice was so angelic. I don’t think anyone could have done a better melody of these songs than urban did. You can hear the passion in his voice throughout the entire performance.

Not only is it hard for an artist to remember those so dear to them through song, but to be able to sing this many different styles and songs in such a short period of time only adds more pressure. Urban slid through it all like a champ though and it blew all of our minds.

Check out his tribute to all of those that we lost in 2017 in the video below:

RIP all those who we lost. You will never be forgotten.

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