WARNING EXPLICIT: Country Star Punches Drunk Fan, This Is INTENSE


This country star just hit a dude who walks on stage, i’ve never seen anything like this!

It was just a couple of weeks ago that we saw Luke Bryan punch a guy in the audience for being a jerk and now another country star has done the same thing.

Country star Aaron Lewis was not messing around when a “drunk frat boy” as Whiskey Riff calls him walked onto the stage. Lewis was performing a song “It’s Been A While” from his former rock band Staind at the time that the guy walked up and Lewis immediately did something about it.

The man tried to put his arms around Lewis and it freaked him out, which is understandable. Security immediately escorted the drunk man off of the stage and out of the concert.

All of the other fans were pissed too because they all started yelling at the man while he was being escorted out.

“F*** you, mother f*****!” 

It took Lewis a moment to calm down, but after he finally did he explained to all of his fans why he was so freaked out by the guy grabbing him around the neck. He assured fans that their ticket wasn’t a ticket to hang out with him onstage.

“I don’t know where it said on the f****** ticket that it means you can come up on stage and hang out.”

He went on to explain that one of his really close friends Darrell Abbott who was a performer was killed onstage. He says that if that wouldn’t have happened he might have reacted a different way.

“If f***** up things like my friend Darrell Abbott being killed on stage by a fan hadn’t f****** happened, then I probably wouldn’t have reacted the same f****** way that I did.”

After sharing his reasoning he informed fans on what the yellow line means, and told them to stay where they belong. He let them know that the yellow line is there for a reason and that they need to stay on the other side and not dare go to his side.

“That f****** yellow line right there that runs along that stage; that’s your side, this is my side. You step into my side, I can’t promise you as to what the f*** is gonna happen to you, like that stupid mother f***** right there.”

Watch it all happen in the video below:

This would have scared me too!!

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