After Weeks Of Speculation, Toby Keith Makes An EMOTIONAL Announcement


Toby Keith just shared an announcement that has us all emotional, I didn’t expect this.

Toby Keith is one of country’s greatest stars but when he agreed to perform at President Trump’s inauguration he received a lot of backlash. His performance made the headlines and many were upset that he agreed to it.

Keith has always been such a huge supporter of our country and our troops so it was no surprise when he agreed to the performance. Unfortunately, many fans felt that the performance was his way of supporting everything that Trump stands for and they weren’t too happy about it.

Although many made a big deal about the performance, it didn’t take long for Keith to shut them down ASAP. He spoke with Billboard about the experience saying that he shouldn’t have to apologize for playing at the inauguration.

“It you succumb to that pressure, it just divides us,” said Keith, who explained that every time he has been asked to serve by the administration of either political party he has said “yes.” He likened such appearances to the 240 USO shows he has performed for U.S. troops overseas over the last 11 years, saying both are a duty he’s happy to oblige. “The memories, the geography lessons, the history lessons, the friends I’ve made [on USO shows are] the reason you can look them in the eye and say, ‘I don’t have to apologize for playing the inauguration,’” he said.

He also shared that several other artists were proud of him for still performing after all of the backlash. Other artists who were scheduled backed out due to the pressure but he stood strong for our country and for his beliefs.

“A lot of people I know were committed [to play inaugural events] and backed out from the pressure, but texted me afterwards saying, ‘Good for you for going. My camp wouldn’t let me.’”

Keith went on to share that this is the American way and that he will always be one who supports our country even if he doesn’t agree with EVERYTHING that the president stands for. I have so much respect for him because of this!

Not many public figures are willing to stand out and stand strong for what they believe, but Keith has always been one to do just that. This man is truly a legend and deserve all the praise!

Way to go Toby!!! We love and support you!

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