After Weeks Of Waiting, Dolly Parton Just Confirmed Got The News We’ve All Been Waiting For


Dolly Parton just shares news that we have all been waiting for, I knew this would happen!

Dolly Parton is one of the greatest artists in country music history, and it isn’t just because of her incredible voice. The country star has accomplished many things over the course of her career, and her new movie is only one of them.

In 2015 Ms. Parton released her first film titled “Coat of Many Colors” that was from her song with the same title. The movie gave fans an insight to Dolly’s childhood and fans loved it.

When the movie was released over 13 million people tuned in to watch. Since her first film was such a success the country star decided that she was going to release another film “Christmas of Many Colors: Circle of Love”.

The film shares even more of Parton’s childhood and the story of one Christmas specifically that she experienced. Little did she know that the film was going to win two awards!

“Christmas of Many Colors: Circle of Love” won a Christopher award and the Movieguide Epiphany Prize for Television.

“Christmas of Many Colors: Circle of Love received a trophy in the TV and Cable category at the 68th annual Christopher Awards, which honor media that positively influences its audience and “affirm[s] the highest values of the human spirit,” according to the Christophers website.”

And of course, upon accepting the award Parton couldn’t help but share a little bit about her faith in God. She says that with so much new technology coming out people aren’t spending as much time with their family.

Not only that but she feels like in the midst of it all we have lost the true meaning of Christmas, and that is Jesus.

“We just want families to feel closer together,” Parton explains of the film. “We’ve scattered so much, as a family, because of all the new ways, new technology — which is wonderful to have all these great things available to us — but I think we lose a lot, and have lost a lot, about family, so more than anything, I just want people to feel the joy of Christmas and what Christmas is really about, which is Jesus, and about just that love of family.”


I love this woman so much! Congrats Dolly!!

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