After 27 Years Of Marriage, Missy Robertson Confirms The Emotional News About Jase


Jase and Missy Robertson have been married for almost three decades now and she just confirmed the emotional news.

Jase and Missy Robertson are one of our favorite celebrity couples, and we love them even more now. The couple recently celebrated their 27th year anniversary and we couldn’t be more proud!

You would think that Jase would have went all out for their anniversary, but the truth is that he kept it simple and sweet. Although it wasn’t anything too elaborate at the time, Missy appreciated his thoughtfulness.

After all, it shows that he knows her like the back of his hand!


Missy posted a photo explaining that it was their 27 year anniversary. We were surprised to see that the only things in the picture were a sweet card, a can of Dr. Pepper and a bottle of Pepto-bismol.

Apparently, Missy had just returned from her missions trip in Kenya. She went on it with her kids Mia, Cole, and Cole’s girlfriend Sierra.

When it’s your anniversary and your hubby know’s you’re still recovering from a mission trip,” she captioned the photo of her gifts.

We were sad to hear that Missy wasn’t feeling well on their anniversary, but glad that she is recovering! It’s so sweet that Jase kept it simple but that it was so thoughtful.

These two have been such a great role model for couples all over the world! Not only have they pushed through 27 years of marriage but they have continued to pursue God.

They have also used their platform for good, teaching their fans about their faith in God and how they keep their family so strong. They deserve all of the happiness in the world. I love these two!

Check out her full Instagram post below:

We hope you start feeling better soon Missy! Congratulations on 27 years of marriage!!!


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