BREAKING: American Idol Judge Rushed To Emergency Room, Prayers


Famous American Idol judge was rushed to the emergency room from his mansion. Praying he’s okay!

He is known for starting American Idol and for judging the show for years. The now America’s Got Talent judge Simon Cowell was rushed to the hospital on Friday morning.

According to reports, Simon was taken out of his London mansion on a stretcher. Meanwhile, that’s when he was rushed to the hospital.


One of his representatives confirmed the news to PEOPLE after 58-year-old Cowell is seen being loaded into an ambulance. He was reportedly on a stretcher and wearing a neck brace.

His rep stated that it has been a scary morning. Furthermore, Simon is going down his stairs when he fainted and fell down the stairs.

“It’s been a scary morning.” the rep told The Sun. “Meanwhile, it was very early and Simon was going down his stairs to get some hot milk because he couldn’t sleep. He fainted and is thought to have fallen down the stairs.”

Simon’s security team was who found him passed out, and they immediately called the paramedics. Meanwhile, according to the reports, many feared that Cowell may have broken his back or had suffered spinal injuries.

Reports state that he remained in the hospital all day Friday. Furthermore, he was continuing to undergo many tests and even scans on his spine, neck and back.

Apparently, he was released late Friday afternoon. Meanwhile, he did release a statement to some journalists after he was settled back home.

He is feeling OK. Simon is in some pain and has been suffering from a concussion. Furthermore he has been seen needing assistance up and down his stairs.

“I’m feeling OK. I fainted. I just had a bit of concussion.” Meanwhile, he was seen being helped up the stairs to his home.

This is so sad! I hope that everything is okay!

Praying for you, Simon Cowell!

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