BREAKING: The Beloved M.A.S.H. Star Dies At Age 84, I Watched Him All The Time


Hollywood has said goodbye to another legendary actor after a long battle with cancer.

He is known for his role as Father Mulcahy on the classic sitcom M.A.S.H. and we are all heartbroken to hear about his death. William Christopher died at age 84 Saturday (December 31) after a long battle with lung cancer.

Christopher started acting in the 1950’s on stage only, and it wasn’t long before he made it to film and television with his incredible talent. He was most known for his role on M.A.S.H but he also made appearances on famous shows such asThe Andy Griffith Show, The Patty Duke Show, and The Men From Shiloh. Not only that but he had recurring roles in shows like Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C. and Hogan’s Heroes.  


1972 was the year that changed Christopher’s career forever. This was the year that he landed his role on M.A.S.H. Little did he know that he would be staying on the show for all 11 seasons.

Christopher died from a non-small cell lung cancer at his home in Pasadena. His Manager, Robert Malcom, interviewed with the Associated Press after William Christopher’s death and said that he was diagnosed with cancer more than a year ago and had been in hospice since the beginning of the week.

“Our dear Bill and his goodness are a great argument for there being a heaven. I never heard him complain or lose his temper. Everyone adored him. A great sense of humor and a great humanitarian. He became TV’s quintessential padre as Father Mulcahy on ‘M*A*S*H.’ It was the most perfect casting ever known. He was probably responsible for more people coming back to the church. If God is nigh, then surely he or she will welcome Bill with open arms.”

Christopher and his wife, Barbara, met on a blind date and they married in 1957. The two of them adopted two sons, John and Ned.

Another thing Christopher is known for is being an advocate for people with autism. His adopted son, Ned, has autism which is why he was so passionate about helping individuals with it. He brings awareness to the National Autistic Society and even does public service announcements to bring awareness. He and Barbara even wrote a book about their experiences raising Ned.

We are so heartbroken to hear about Christopher, please pray for his family during this devastating time.

RIP William Christopher.

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