BREAKING: Cooking Legend Just Found Lifeless At Hospital, Prayers For The Family


Famous cooking legend was just pronounced dead at the hospital. This is heartbreaking…

He is known as the guy who invented Hawaiian pizza when he added chunks of pineapples and ham in 1962. Sam Panopoulos has died at 83 years of age.

Panopoulos unexpectedly died last week at a hospital in London, Ontario according to reports. Sam started a culinary revolution after perfecting the pizza, and he will forever be remembered as that.

After finding himself disappointed by the first pizza he had ever tried, he decided to open up his own restaurant in Chatham, Ontario. The eatery was called “Satellite” and Sam eventually warmed up to pizza which was what the Neapolitan bakers had popularized in the 1700s.


That’s when his adventure to create the perfect pizza began. One day he was in the kitchen trying to make something out of the box and after grabbing can of fruit he started a sensation that wasn’t been faded to this day.

According to Carol Helstosky, a culinary scholar at the University of Denver who has written about the history of pizza, said that Sam had started a tradition of experiment across the globe.

“In Naples, it was a cuisine of scarcity: Whatever you had, you tossed it on — garlic, anchovies, other little fish bits.”

The pizza was eventually named the Hawaiian pizza because of the brand of canned fruit Mr. Panopoulos used. He always spoke about how boring other foods were which was why he started his experiment.

He wanted something sweet and sour and savory, and that’s exactly what he did with the pizza.

“People didn’t go for a lot of different tastes and foods,” he told the BBC in February. “The only thing you could find then sweet-and-sour was Chinese, nothing else. Everything else was plain.”

Prayers for the family during this difficult time!



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