BREAKING: Famous Television Star Just Found Dead After Short Illness


Famous television star was just found dead after a short illness. Prayers for the family during this heartbreaking time.

He is the longtime British television and stage star best known for his role as the detective Jason King in the 1970s. Peter Wyngarde has died at age 90 according to reports.

Thomas Bowington, Peter’s manager, said that the actor passed away on Monday in Chelsea and Westminster hospital in London.

Apparently his death came after an illness that lasted several months. His manager shared that he stayed alert and that his mind was “sharp” until the end.

 “His mind was razor sharp until the end,” Bowington told The Associated Press. “He entertained that whole hospital. He was funny until the end.”

All of his characters have been said to be cited by the creators of “Austin Powers” films. They shared that he was one of the inspirations for the fictional 1960s spy with a flair for flashy outfits and a taste for carousing.

Wyngarde was best known for his sleuthing role in the popular “Department S” television series but played numerous other parts, appearing in shows and movies including “The Avengers, “The Saint,” ”Flash Gordon” and others. -Legacy

Apparently Wyngarde had not retired from performing. He also had plans for further stage work and personal appearances. Unfortunately, his death stopped him from any further appearances.

“He was a mentor on everything you can think of, from sports cars to how to make a good cup of tea and how to do a tie and shirt,” Bowington said.

Please continue to keep his family in your prayers during this time off loss and mourning.

#PeterWyngarde being the total legend he was checked himself out of hospital to be with us @BFI last summer, when we screened his incredibly daring role in South (1959) as part of Gross Indecency. He was very frail but energised by the rapturous reception. What a life!

— Simon McCallum (@simonmccallum1) January 18, 2018


RIP Peter. 

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