BREAKING: Hollywood Legend Just Found Lifeless After Suffering Fatal Accident


Famous Hollywood legend was just found dead after a horrifying accident. Praying for the family during this time.

She is the French actress and singer whose career of sophisticated film roles spanned eight decades. The beautiful Danielle Darrieux has passed away at age 100.

According to reports she died Tuesday at her home in Bois-le-Roi, France, south of Paris. Her death was confirmed by the French culture ministry says nytimes.


Her companion, Jacques Jenvrin, told the French news media that she had been unwell since a recent fall. It had made her very ill and she just didn’t have the strength to recover.

When the Cinémathèque Française à Paris honored Ms. Darrieux with a retrospective in 2009, more than 90 of her films were screened, yet at least a score were left out. If Ms. Darrieux — who was beloved by her countrymen as D. D. long before anyone thought of calling Brigitte Bardot B. B. — had a career prime, it was the 1950s, in which she typified the desirable European married woman.

As you may know, three of her films from that decade were considered so risqué that they were not shown in the United States. At first, that is.

Although it was out of the box and unordinary it was something that launched her into her legendary career in film. She was truly an inspiration to many.

She was the unfaithful bourgeoise in “La Ronde” (1950), an upscale Paris matron who takes a caddish young artist as her lover in “Adorable Créatures” (1952), and the sexually frustrated aristocrat’s wife in “L’Amant de Lady Chatterley” (1955), better known to English audiences as “Lady Chatterley’s Lover.”

In one interview she assured fans that her favorite role was the one she played in “Le Rouge et le Noir” (1954). Furthermore, it based on Stendhal’s novel about class-conscious post-Napoleonic France.

After her death, France’s minister of culture, Françoise Nyssen, posted on Twitter sending condolences.

“Her talent, her generosity have illuminated the French cinema. Danielle Darrieux knew how to play everything with a prodigious spontaneity.”

She was a true legend and will be missed deeply.



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