BREAKING: Hollywood Star Found Dead In Her Los Angeles Home RIP


Famous Hollywood star was just found dead in her Los Angeles home. She was literally one of the nicest women.

She is known as the actress and gospel-influenced singer who played Tess in “Touched by an Angel.” Della Reese has passed away at age  86 leaving thousands in tears.

It wasn’t until she was middle-age when she gained fame through her role as Tess. But from the moment she stepped foot on set she was a fan sensation.


One of her co-stars, Roma Downey, released a statement confirming Reese’s death. Downey shared that the actress died peacefully Sunday evening in her home which is near Los Angeles.

No other details were given about why or how she passed away.

If you knew Reese before her “Touched by an Angel” days, you know that she was also a well known gospel singer.  Before “Touched by an Angel” debuted in 1994, Reese was mostly known as a singer.

Of course she had her fair share of costarring days while acting in shows like “Chico and the Man,” ”Charlie and Company” and “The Royal Family” and hosted her own talk show, “Della.”

“Touched by an Angel” had a very slow start but eventually picked up to one of television’s highest rated dramas. Unfortunately, the show ended in 2003.

“Through her life and work she touched and inspired the lives of millions of people. She was a mother to me and I had the privilege of working with her side by side for so many years on ‘Touched By An Angel,'” Roma Downey wrote in a statement. “I know heaven has a brand new angel this day.”

There were many things that Reese accomplished throughout her lifetime, and they will truly never be forgotten. Please continue to keep her family and friends in your prayers during this heartbreaking time.

RIP beautiful. 

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