BREAKING: Legendary Television Star Found Dead In His Home


After decades in the business, longtime television star was just found dead in his own home. This is heartbreaking.

He is the longtime sportscaster who got his big break with UCLA basketball. He eventually went on to call Super Bowls, Olympics, Final Fours and Angels and Padres baseball games.

The legendary broadcaster, Dick Enberg died on Thursday unexpectedly. He was 82 at the time of his death according to reports.

His daughter, Nicole, was the one to confirm the death to The Associated Press. Apparently the family had been concerned when he didn’t arrive on his flight to Boston on Thursday.

That’s when they found him dead at his home in La Jolla, a San Diego neighborhood. According to his wife, he was home with his bags packed and by the door.

She continued to share that they think the death might have been a heart attack.

“He was dressed with his bags packed at the door,” wife Barbara told the Union-Tribune. “We think it was a heart attack.”

Enberg was a legend in the broadcasting world. He was there for 6 decades before he decided to retire back in October of 2016. Everyone that knew him loved him. He was so genuine and so kind to everyone.

The broadcaster said the most historically important event he covered throughout his career was “The Game of the Century.” He says it was Houston’s victory over UCLA in 1968 that snapped the Bruins’ 47-game winning streak.

“That was the platform from which college basketball’s popularity was sent into the stratosphere,” Enberg said. “The ’79 game, the Magic-Bird game, everyone wants to credit that as the greatest game of all time That was just the booster rocket that sent it even higher. … UCLA, unbeaten; Houston, unbeaten. And then the thing that had to happen, and Coach Wooden hated when I said this, but UCLA had to lose. That became a monumental event.”

Prayers for his wife and family during this time.



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