BREAKING: Longtime TV Star Just Lost Her Battle With Cancer, I Hate Cancer…


Famous tv star just died after a long battle with cancer. Prayers for the family during their time of loss.

She was best known for acting in Grotbags where she played Grotbags the witch. The show was hugely popular in the 1980s and early 90s and she was a tv sensation.

The beautiful Carol Lee Scott has died at age 74 after a tough cancer battle. You may also remember the actress from Emu’s World alongside Rod Hull, but right after the show was cancelled she was offered her own.

Widely known for her singing voice, with earworm songs including Don’t Nobody Bring Me No Bad News she was a kid favorite across the land.

Her niece, Gina Mear, announced the devastating news on her Facebook account and later shared a photo of the two of them on her Twitter account.

Friends and fans from all over commented on her death heartbroken to hear that their childhood hero was dead.

“Saddened to learn that Carol Lee Scott has passed away, loved her as Grotbags as a kid watching Rod Hull & Emu…#RIPCarolLeeScott #Grotbags -Craig Wilde”

“Another kid’s favourite nips off to the big playground in the sky. When I left school I worked backstage at a theatre (they call it a stagehand but essentially you’re a labourer). Carol was the main star of the pantomime that year. She was kind, talented and not actually green in real life. I used to nip out each evening and pick up a pizza for her and her old man, Bill. As a slightly start-struck 16 yr old, tucking into a pepperoni with Grotbags was about as good as it got. -Ian Collins”

Carol brought so much joy to those around her both on and off of the set. She was always optimistic and always loving, it was as if she had never met a stranger.

Please continue to keep her family and friends in your prayers as they mourn her loss. She was truly a legend and she will never be forgotten.

RIP GrotBags. We love you!

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