BREAKING: One Of Television’s Biggest Stars Dies After Battle With Cancer


Famous television star has just lost her battle with cancer. She was too young to die…

She is the longtime host of Wisconsin Public Television’s “Sewing With Nancy.” Nancy Zieman died on Tuesday according to reports at age 64.

Nancy had been battling cancer for quite a while before she passed away says Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. Her sewing show was actually the longest running sewing program on television as well.

You may also remember her as the founder of Nancy’s Notions. It was a business where she sold fabrics and sewing books.

The genius of a woman was also one of the creatures of Quilt Expo. Which is a popular annual event in Madison, Wisconsin.

“Nancy was an entrepreneur, a talented television host, a dear friend to so many people at Wisconsin Public Television and a true Wisconsin treasure.”

If you ever watched one of her shows, you know that her face was partially paralyzed. She was also struggling with Bell’s Palsy.

When she was just a few years old she caught a nasty ear infection that gave her the disease. She wrote about the disease and hosted medical professionals on an episode of her show to discuss the condition.

Later on she was diagnosed with bone cancer. Many thought that she would quit the show but she didn’t.
She continued hosting the show until September when she announced her retirement.

Nancy is survived by her husband, Richard, their two sons, Ted and Tom, and her grandchildren. Please continue to keep Nancy’s family in your prayers during this heartbreaking time.

She was a true legend, and has forever left her stamp here on this earth. There has never been nor will there ever be anyone like her. Her legacy will remain forever and ever.


RIP Beautiful Nancy. You will never be forgotten.

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