BREAKING: Reba McEntire Just Confirmed The DEVASTATING News, It’s Over


Reba McEntire shares heartbreaking news with all of her fans, I can’t believe that this is really happening.

It was just a couple of months ago that Reba McEntire announced that she was going to be returning to the small screen. Now, it looks like those dreams might be put on hold after ABC rejected her show.

Reba announced that she was going to be starring in a new drama and we were all so excited. The script is “described as a Southern Gothic soap opera that is set in motion after a suspected act of terrorism happens at a Fourth of July parade in the small town of Oxblood, KY.”

The country star was so excited about the show, saying that they were shooting the pilot in March and that it should launch sometime next year.

“If they give us the go-ahead we’ll start shooting the pilot probably in March and wait for the upfronts to see if we get picked up,” she says of the TV upfronts, which announce to the industry when certain shows will air on each network. “Hopefully we’ll be shooting in the fall or January of next year. Before we start doing preliminary planning we need to get the go-ahead.”

Unfortunately, that’s not the case for Reba anymore. As of now ABC has reportedly rejected the new show. Many are saying that it’s because they decided to take on American Idol instead.

Although the show has been rejected on ABC it doesn’t mean that another network won’t pick it up, and we hope that it does get picked up.

Deadline released a report suggesting that ABC Studios is shopping the show around to other network affiliates like CMT and Lifetime. Apparently no official statement has been made by anyone involved in the show.

This is so sad! I hope that they find a new network for this! Reba was so excited!!

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