Days After Being Fired, TV Star Suffers Near Fatal Heart Attack


TV star says that being fired was what caused him to suffer a massive heart attack. Could this be true?!

Famous ESPN tennis announcer, Doug Adler, is now filing a lawsuit against ESPN saying that the stress of being fired is what caused him to dearly die of a massive heart attack. He was not only fired but many other stressors were brought on because of a term he used during a tennis match.

Adler was fired after using the term “guerrilla” during a Venus Williams tennis match. He says that the saying was anything but racist, but fans all over the world blew up social media attacking him for what he said.


Since fans were so passionate about the term ESPN went ahead and fired Adler, who then suffered a massive heart attack. His doctors say that the heart attack was brought on not only from the stress of being fired, but from all of the extra people branding him as racist when he says he is anything but that.

He says that people incorrectly thought that he was referring to Williams as a “gorilla” during the Australian Open. Fox Sports did a small update on the cause saying that Adler is now suing ESPN for wrongfully firing him.

TMZ reported saying that he was referring to a campaign that Nike ran back in 1995 called “Guerrilla Tennis” and he had no expectations of being labeled as a racist.

“Adler says Twitter freaked out and misunderstood what he was trying to say — wrongly interpreting the comment as racist. Instead, Adler says the term is NOT racist, but rather a “frequently used” word in tennis to describe an aggressive style of play. In fact, Adler says Nike ran a tennis campaign back in the ’90s called “Guerrilla Tennis.”

Watch the 1995 Nike tennis campaign in the video below:

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