Duck Dynasty May Be Over But What They Just Did Shows They Are The GREATEST Ever


The Duck Dynasty crew just proved to us again why they are the greatest people. I love these guys!

We were all sad to heart that the Duck Dynasty show was going to be cancelled. BUT although A&E now only airs re-runs of the show, it hasn’t stopped us from loving them.

Apparently Duck Dynasty is 12-year-old Zachary King’s favorite show. And he is a very special fan. His parents said that he still loves watching it.

He’s seen every episode more than once,” the boy’s mother Heather King told The News-Star.


According to other reports, King has two life-threatening diseases. One is Chiari malformation, which is a structural defect in the cerebellum that affects his balance. The second is Ehlers-Danlos Type 3, which is a rare genetic connective tissue disorder.

Those are not the only struggles the young boy deals with throughout his day though. He is actually blind in his left eye and has suffered from chronic body pain almost his entire life.

Thankfully because of the organization Kids Wish Network, King was able to get his biggest wish granted. Furthermore, that wish was to meet the family from his favorite television show, Duck Dynasty!

He was able to go to the Duck Commander Warehouse in West Monroe, Louisiana. There he got to hang out with Willie Robertson, Phil Robertson, Jase Robertson, Alan Robertson, Martin, Godwin, and Uncle Si!

It was a dream come true for him. Meanwhile, after asking what his favorite thing about the show was, we were all shocked to hear his answer.

He said he loves the show because they kept God in it. Furthermore, he loves hunting and fishing.

“I love the way they kept the Lord in the show. And I love everything about hunting and fishing,” he said.

It was an emotional time for all, and the Duck Dynasty guys loved hanging out with him. This had me in tears!

When we see kids like Zack you start seeing what’s really important in life,” Willie said. “Laughter is always great medicine.”

The guys also took time to pray with and for Zachary, with Phil leading.

We unashamedly pray for Zack,” Phil said, according to The News Star. “We ask you go over and beyond what doctors can do and pray to heal his body.

I’m so happy he got his wish granted!

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