The END of Nashville Has Been Leaked, Watch The Interview Before It Gets Taken Down!


The answers we have all been waiting for have finally come to the surface, I knew it!

Since the first big scare that Nashville was leaving us forever we have all been on edge wondering if it is going to last after switching over to CMT. Not only that, but so many characters have been taken off and we had all been worried about the main characters – will everything change now?

Thankfully the beautiful Connie Britton was able to speak with Ellen on The Ellen Degeneres show and spill the beans on all of the newest Nashville news. First Ellen asked about the return of Nashville and Connie Britton assured her that it was all because of the voice of the fans that it was back.

“I have seen in so many ways in my life the power that a unified voice can have. That is one example because the fans were just not going to have it. The show was cancelled and it got picked up by CMT and were going to start a new season.”

Nashville (ABC) Season 4, 2015-2016 Episode: 'Til the Pain Outwears the Shame   Airdate: September 30, 2015 Shown: Connie Britton

Of course, even thought there is a new season on the horizon we are never guaranteed that a certain character will return back to the show. In fact, one of the rumors was that Connie Britton was not going to be returning to Nashville.

The good news is that she got it all cleared up on the Ellen show and assured fans that she was going to be coming back. Not only that, but that she is going to be on for the duration of the show!

Plus, no one really knew what to expect since there are new show runners but Britton says that it is going to be the most exciting season yet. She says that Nashville is really going back to it’s roots and she is excited to see how the fans respond to the new writing.

“I’m in it. I’m in. I’m in for the duration, and we’re about to start a new season,” Britton tells Ellen DeGeneres in the video above. “And it’s an exciting new season because we have new showrunners, so we have new writers, and the stories, I think, are gonna be really — it’s gonna get us back to what Nashville is about and what the characters are and what the town is and the music is.”

Watch the full interview in the video below:

YES! I have been waiting to hear this! I can’t wait to see what the new producers have in store!

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