Moments After Winning The Voice, Contestant Shares Her True Feelings About Blake Shelton


Just moments after winning The Voice, contestant shares her true feelings

It has only been a few days since rocker Chloe Kohanski took home the trophy as the champion of The Voice. Now she is sharing her true feelings about her coach Blake Shelton.

If you don’t know her story, Chloe lost her spot on Team Miley to fellow contestant Ashland Craft. That wasn’t the end for her on The Voice though.


Both Blake Shelton and Jennifer Hudson wished to steal her away. And we all knew the Nashville-native would end up choosing Blake Shelton in the end. Because of his country roots.

Apparently Shelton wanted her during the blind auditions but she was “obsessed with Miley.” It looks like Blake really knew what he was doing though because they ended up taking home the trophy!

After the big win Chloe met up with Hollywood Life to share her real feelings about Blake Shelton. She shared that he took a big risk by saving her on the show and she hopes that she can make him proud because of it.

I would say winning the entire show is definitely something for him to be proud of. She continued to say that it means the world to her the things that he has said and that she doesn’t take it lightly.

“He took a risk with me and I hope I made him proud,” said Chloe, before continuing, “The things he has said to me, I don’t take lightly. Every week, he says something that makes me want to pass out. He says the biggest things to me that I have ever heard. Tonight he had a lot to say, I don’t remember all of it, but I know he said that I have an iconic voice and that just means the world to me!”


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