MTV Star’s 911 Call During Fatal Drug Overdose Released, Watch Before It’s Banned


After confirming the death of MTV star the 911 call was released for fans to hear.

It was just yesterday (December 21) that a young MTV star, Valerie Fairman, was found dead in her Pennsylvania apartment. Valerie was a former star on MTV’s reality TV show 16 and Pregnant, and we aren’t sure exactly what caused the death but police are suspicious of an overdose.

According to TMZ the first responders thought that her death may have been a result of a heart attack but after some investigation there were signs of possible drug abuse.

“TMZ got the dispatch call to the fire dept and EMS Wednesday night in Coatesville, PA … and the call went out as a “cardiac arrest” — but about 10 minutes later the dispatcher changes the call to a “possible DOA.”

The 23-year-olds family also believes that it could have been from a drug overdose. Valerie’s mother said that Valerie was at friend’s apartment in Coatesville, Pennsylvania at the time of her death. Apparently the friend kept calling out for Valerie, who was in the bathroom, but she wouldn’t come out.

This is when her friend broke down the bathroom door and found Valerie unresponsive on the ground. The toxicology tests haven’t came back but it is believed to be an overdose. The young stars daughter, 7-year-old Nevaeh, is currently staying with her grandmother until the case is over.

“As for Valerie, she has been arrested a number of times. The charges include prostitution and, just last week she was busted for resisting arrest and providing false ID to law enforcement. She attempted to run from cops, who subdued her.”

This is so heartbreaking, listen to the dispatch call below:

Please pray for Valerie’s family, and especially her daughter during this heartbreaking time.

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