Nashville Has Come To An End, Trailer LEAKED: Watch Before Deleted!


Nashville was set to have a season premiere on January 5th, but after this trailer they might have just gave away the entire show.

It was just a couple of months ago that Nashville announced that they would be cancelling the show and fans everyone freaked out. Everyone was so heartbroken over the fact that Nashville would be over, and not only that but the cliffhanger at the end left everyone wanting more.

Thankfully it didn’t take long before CMT decided to pick up the show for a fifth season and everyone was so excited for it. Since the big change the producers of the show have promised fans that there will be more music in the new season and not only that but there will be more drama and a better storyline to all of it.

Of course, these are big promises to make but it seems like they are sticking to it especially after watching the season 5 trailer which has us all on the edge of our seats. The producers have been adding new characters and getting rid of characters since the show has switched and it has us all really excited to see what is in store for the show.

Before you watch the trailer below check out the latest deets on the characters for season 5! Country Rebel broke it all down and gave fans a great insight on what to expect for the fifth season and we can’t wait for the debut! This might just be the greatest season of Nashville that we’ve ever seen!

Juliette Barnes

Season 4 left off on a major cliffhanger when Juliette Barnes’ plane lost contact and the Season 5 trailer begins at the scene of the plane crash. News reporters voices are laced over footage of a frightened Juliette right before the plane goes down. It’s revealed that she is the only survivor.

The next scene she is shown, she is confined to a wheelchair and at the doctor’s office, it’s revealed she has a spinal cord injury and can’t feel her legs yet.

“It could be months before you feel anything,” the doctor tells her.

“Or never,” she says.

Later in the trailer, it looks like she and estranged husband Avery Barkley, go back to the site of the plane crash and Juliette tells him, “I thought I was going to die! I didn’t want to die!” We can’t tell if Avery is kneeling next to her, but it does look like she is standing up!

Will Lexington

In the final episode of Season 4, Will Lexington was about to get back together with his boyfriend and now, they are going to make their relationship a priority and look for a place together, except Will looks guilty about something!

Later, he’s being fitted for a suit and his tailor tries to kiss him. Will declines, but the trailer basically says, “You know you want to.” And it kind of looks like he does.

Rayna James and Deacon Claybourne

The Queen of Country, Rayna James, tells her husband, Deacon Claybourne, that she wants them to write their love story in a concept album. As most fans know, their relationship has been tumultuous and although, they have found a happy ending, they have always had their ups and downs. Deacon initially agrees, but then says he’s against the whole idea. Rayna is pissed. She thinks that if she doesn’t take a risk like a concept album, her career will be over.

Later in the trailer, Rayna gets an envelope in the mail, with no stamp or address, meaning the person just dropped it off. It has rose petals and a long love letter. Rayna and Deacon look worried. A later scene shows the man showing up at her Highway 65 offices and trying to get to her. Scary!

Scarlett O’Connor and Gunnar Scott

The Season 4 finale showed Scarlett confessing her love for Gunnar, even though he was with another woman. During a show, they kissed on stage, which we thought would send them into happily ever after, but boy, were we wrong!

This season, they are still the duo The Exes, and are filming their first music video, which Scarlett doesn’t like the direction of. They fight about who they are to each other and Scarlett brings up Gunnar’s shocking Season 1 proposal to her.

Maddie Conrad

Maddie is still pushing the envelope with her parents and has some pent-up teenage angst she is dealing with. She likes a new boy, who tells her that he’s bad news, and eventually we see that he actually might be. Later, the boy lies bloody on the ground and Maddie is calling the cops.

Daphne changes up one of Maddie’s song, and Maddie accuses her of stealing it, even though Daphne says she was trying to help her make it better. Maddie tells her little sister, “I can’t do everything with you.”

There are so many changes and shocking things taking place in season 5 and it definitely is going to be thrilling! Check out the new trailer below for the premier and let us know what you think!!

I’m so glad they brought back Nashville!

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