REPORT: American Idol Just Found It’s First Judge, You Won’t Believe Who


American Idol leaks news about their first judge for the revival, I can’t believe they chose her!

After American Idol announced their big revival we have all been waiting in anticipation to find out who the new judges of the panel are going to be. They have thrown out a few names, Kelly Clarkson, being one of them but now they have another name leaked and fans are getting really excited for the return!

When Idol ended we all knew that there was going to be a return. Simon Cowell made an announcement stating that the show started during the beginning of the digital world and that they needed to make some improvements. He said that the new Idol will be more interactive and immersive and that’s exactly what fans are expecting.

“There are loads of ideas being shared, and I’m deep in thought about how we can evolve Idol,” he told THR last year. “We debuted at the very beginning of the digital world. So the next generation of Idol will be a lot more interactive, a lot more immersive.”

I’m sure you’re all waiting to hear who the new judge is going to be though. According to The Hollywood Reporter Katy Perry is being seriously considered for the position as a judge on the new American Idol.


Apparently she is already in “active talks” to sign on with the singing competition premiere in 2018. If Katy signs the deal, she will be the first official piece to the new Idol, while we still wait in anticipation to see if Kelly Clarkson will show as a host.

Not only that, but wether or not Ryan Seacrest will return to the show as the host is still up in the air. He is currently living in New York City and is a co- host to Kelly Rip on “Live with Kelly and Ryan”.

The biggest issue finding judges has been to stay in a certain budget, but since they are considering Katy Perry we are thinking that they may have raised the budget or that they don’t have one at all anymore. I guess we’ll find out sooner than later!

Do you think Katy Perry will be a good judge?!

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