REPORT: American Idol Star Arrested In Chicago, This Is So Sad


Famous American Idol star was just arrested in Chicago. I didn’t expect her to do something like this!

Former “American Idol” contestant Haley Reinhart was arrested. The incident took place early Saturday morning at a Chicago pub called the Lamplighter Inn.

Bystanders called officers to the pub around 2 AM after bouncers tossed Haley. The Idol star and her friends knocked over some tables, which forced the bouncers to kick them out.

Furthermore, as officers escorted her to the door, Haley punched a bouncer in the head. This quickly turned into her being arrested. As a result, we are all shocked to hear this news.

Officers arrested Haley and charged her with a misdemeanor battery assault. The star found fame on the 10th season of American Idol. After her time on Idol, she built a strong fan base and won over hearts of thousands.

She lives in California but went to Chicago to celebrate the Fourth of July with family and friends. Her attorney Dina LaPolt released a statement about the incident.

They hope that investigators will exonerated Haley of all charges.

According to the statement, bouncers used excessive force as they removed the girls from the club.

“Furthermore, after forcefully removing Ms. Reinhart, they violently beat her friend, who sustained multiple injuries,” LaPolt said in an emailed statement. “We believe that she will be exonerated of all charges once the investigation is completed. We plan on taking legal action against all those who were involved in this unfortunate incident.”

She is going to be at Cook County’s Rolling Meadows Branch Court on August 2nd for her first court date.

After her time on Idol she, released two albums “Listen Up!” and “Better.” Haley released her newest single titled “Baby It’s You” last month.


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