REPORT: America’s Got Talent Star Arrested For Assault With A Golf Club


America’s Got Talent champion was just arrested after assaulting his girl with a golf club.

“America’s Got Talent” winner, Landau Eugene Murphy Jr. has been arrested. TMZ reported the incident saying that he attacked his “baby mama” with a golf club.

The season 6 champion was arrested on Monday night in Whitman, West Virginia. He was charged with misdemeanor domestic battery and domestic assault.

Apparently the couple got into a fight and he told her that he was leaving. This lead them to argue about who was going to care for their 6-month-old baby.

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This is when Landau allegedly started “slapping her and then struck her under her left eye with a golf club.” That’s when the argument lead outside and he slammed her head into the sidewalk.

His baby mama was treated at a hospital for her injuries and cops later arrested Landau. It was that same night that Landau was released on a $3,500 bond.

Landau’s manager says the fight was sparked when the singer came home and “found his home trashed.” He claimed that his girlfriend is the one who destroyed his home, apparently with the golf club he used to hit her.

In his defense, he says that she came after him with both the club and a knife. Later apologizing for the incident he says that his actions were for self defense purposes only.

Reports state that the child was in the vicinity during the time that the couple was being abusive. He released a statement to the Gazette-Mail on Tuesday.

“In defending myself, she obtained some bruises and swelling on her face,” he said. “I did not strike her…I was raised to protect women, and if not provoked and feeling I was in danger, I would never have defended myself in this manner.”

This is so crazy. I wonder what’s going to happen next…

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