REPORT: Chip Gaines Mom Just Confirmed Rumors On Why Chip And Joanna Are Done


Chip Gaines’ mom just shared details on the rumors of why Chip and Jo are done. This is emotional.

It was just a couple of weeks ago that Chip and Joanna Gaines announced that they were going to be ending Fixer Upper. Fans everywhere have been heartbroken and confused by the news.

There have been many rumors about why the couple is ending the show, but we finally have all of the answers. Meanwhile, Chip’s mother shed some light on the decision making it easy for fans to understand.

As many of you know, the couple has four children and numerous business endeavors that they have started. Furthermore, she says that it is time for the couple to get some rest and spend some time with their children.

“[Chip and Joanna] earned some time to rest,” she told Closer Weekly. “They care very much about how their children turn out, and they are very well aware that spending time with them and investing in their lives is important.”

A while back Chip was hit with a lawsuit by his former realty partners in April, and in July. Many thought that was the reason behind them leaving but they shut them down quick.

Just a few weeks later Joanna shot down rumors that she was leaving the show to start a skincare line. Again in August rumors said that the couple was divorcing. Chip responded saying it “won’t ever happen.”

In a recent post they confirmed that their family is healthy, and that they just need a moment to catch their breathe. It’s nothing major, they just want time to enjoy their family.

“Our family is healthy and our marriage has honestly never been stronger,” the post read. “This has nothing to do with a fraudulent skincare line or anything else you’ll inevitably read. This is just us recognizing that we need to catch our breath for a moment.”

This makes me so happy! I love them!!

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