REPORT: Longtime TV Stars Just Leaked HUGE Wedding News, I Had No Idea


One of TV’s stars just shared huge wedding news. I didn’t think he was going to do this!

The Property Brothers are some of the hottest stars right now. Their home renovation television show has fans swooning.

Now, one of the twins Drew Scott has a very special day coming up. He is going to marry the beautiful Linda Phan.

Although they haven’t released many details about the wedding, his brother is a little salty. Jonathan is the second twin that makes up the Property Brothers and he isn’t happy with Drew’s best man decision.

Apparently, Drew didn’t want to choose between his two brothers so he decided to make them both his best man. He likes to call it “co-best men”.

They were sharing the news with E! News but even thought Jonathan wasn’t stoked about not being the only best man, he is happy for Drew.

“You know the one thing I was a little surprised is. He didn’t make me his best man.” -Jonathan

“She’s already my boss.” -Drew

“He couldn’t choose between my older brother and me, so he made us co-best men.” -Jonathan

“I think that that is a very good thing to do.” -Drew

The boys also opened up about his big bachelor party plans.

“It has to be something very athletic, because he is Mr. athlete. I want to do something like extreme sports and all of the exciting stuff like that.” -Jonathan

Jonathan says that his brother and his future wife are actually perfect for each other and that he loves watching them interact to plan the wedding. Drew shared that they have been meeting with a wedding planner recently.

And although he isn’t releasing any details about the wedding just yet, he promised fans it’s coming. Apparently he is going to be giving them the inside scoop before too long!


Congrats on the wedding!

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