REPORT: Sexual Assault Just Happened On Popular TV Show


Famous reality tv show was just cancelled after a sexual assault was made on set.

It looks like there’s trouble in paradise…literally. TMZ just reported the story that ABC’s Bachelor In Paradise has officially stopped filming. The network immediately stopped this season’s filming after they became “aware of allegations of misconduct on the set.”

The 4th season of Bachelor In Paradise was set to premiere on August 8, but that isn’t going to be the case anymore. Many reports state that the “trouble began when contestants Corinne Olympios and DeMario Jackson began getting “hot and heavy” in the pool while cameras were rolling.”

Apparently their sexual behavior made a third party feel extremely uncomfortable and they reported it. The field producer filed a complaint that “Corinne Olympios seemed so drunk the first day of filming she had no ability to consent to DeMario Jackson’s sexual moves in a swimming pool.”


DeMario says that it was all consensual, but some believe otherwise.

TMZ broke the story of DeMario’s version of events … that he and Corinne were drinking heavily and making out at the bar. She suggested they take it to the swimming pool, where they took their clothes off and began “rubbing, touching and fingering.” He also claims she put her genitals in his face and he began licking. He says he was unable to consummate things because he was so drunk.

The field producer heard stories that Corinne had no idea what she was doing, but many who have watched the footage say that she was “fully engaged” in the activity. Immediately following the reports both DeMario and Corinne were dismissed from the show.

As of now the incident is still under investigation and the show filming has been completely. As of now no complaints like this have been made about the show in all 4 seasons of filming, hopefully this will be the last…

I can’t believe they would do this in front of the cameras anyway…

This is disgusting! I wonder what is going to happen to the show?!
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