REPORT: TV Star Indicted For 2 Felony Counts Of Child Molestation


Famous tV star was just indicted for child molestaion. This is disgusting.

The Young And The Restless star, Corey Sligh, has been indicted by the grand jury on two counts of child molestation. His arraignment is set to be held next month and TMZ has all of the details.

According to the obtained documents, Corey allegedly made the victim “touch his penis with her hand and himself touch her … with intent to arouse, satisfy the sexual desires of the accused.” His initial arrest was made back in 2016 in the state of Georgia.

“The Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office says Sligh — who was an extra on ‘Young and the Restless’ — was busted last month after the child’s parents reported the alleged molestation on Sept. 24. We’re told the alleged victim is a girl who was under 10 at the time.”

At the time of the arrest Corey stated that he was “innocent and fighting this until the end, and the truth will prevail.” If he is convicted he can serve up to 20 years in prison for the felony.

The allegations were made by an 8-year-old female family member and apparently it had happened twice. He was arrested in both Florida and Georgia and according to daily mail the charges aren’t usually on a federal level unless it happens in more than one state.

He is still denying both claims of child molestation, and we are curious to see what will come of the court date.

Please keep this girls family in your prayers as they go through this heartbreaking time. I can’t imagine the pain and fear they must all be feeling, especially since he is part of their family.

It looks like his acting career may officially be over. I never expected something so low from someone like Sligh.


This is so disgusting…

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