REPORT: After Weeks Of Bad News, TV Star Arrested In Seattle


Television star arrested in Seattle and the reason why has everyone talking…I can’t believe he did this.

Fox News just reported that the “Deadliest Catch” star, Sig Hansen, was arrested in Seattle after the tv star got into it with one of his Uber drivers. According to the police reports “Hansen was arrested Thursday morning after allegedly spitting on an Uber driver and kicking a dent into his car.”

It all started whenever Hansen and three other people were picked up in an Uber. Apparently the trip was cancelled which led the Uber driver to start an argument over payment of the trip. That’s when Hansen had enough and fought backwash the Uber driver.

“The police report states the altercation began when Hansen and three other people were picked up in an Uber in the Seattle neighborhood of Ballard. According to the driver, the trip was canceled which lead to an argument over payment.”

According to Q 13 Fox reports there was a dent the size of a foot in the Uber driver’s car. Apparently Hansen denied the whole thing when the police confronted him saying that he had been celebrating Norwegian Independence Day.

At the time that the police officers approached him, he started to argue with them and that’s when things got heated and he was immediately arrested. Now, Hansen has released a statement about the incident saying that he is terribly sorry for his behavior.

He continued to apologize to his Uber driver, and others that he needed. He said that he hopes he can apologize to the driver in person one day.

“I owe a bunch of people apologies, first and foremost to our Uber driver, who was just trying to get us home safely. I hope I can make that apology in person. I have no excuse, and accept responsibility for my actions,” Hansen said.

This all comes after the tv star was accused of sexual abuse


This is so embarrassing, I can’t believe that he did this!

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