When “The Voice” Producers Said “No Christian Music”, Here’s What Sundance Head Had To Say…


The Voice producers didn’t want any Christian music on the show, but that didn’t stop Sundance Head one bit.

Sundance Head was crowned the winner of Season 12 of The Voice and it wasn’t a surprise to any of us. The country star was already a huge star on American Idol and has even released a couple of albums on his own.

Many weren’t sure why he decided to try out for The Voice after already soft launching a career in country music, but it didn’t stop him from taking home the prize! Unfortunately, even his coach Blake Shelton thinks that the record label might not help him as much as he thinks. Apparently they have been known to kind of write off other winners in the past.


Sundance Head has continued to stay strong through all of the bumps though, and he has put on some of the most incredible performances that we have ever seen. Although producers don’t love it when a contestant sings a song about Jesus, Sundance Head did it with confidence and it obviously worked for him since he is the winner.

The contestant (and now winner) decided to perform Tom T. Hall’s hit song “Me and Jesus” and he blew us all away. His voice fit the song so perfectly and it had everyone wanting to get up out of their seats and dance. The best part was around two minutes and twenty seconds though.

It sounded as if the song was almost over, but Sundance Head put a bit of a twist on things and came back into the performance stronger than before leaving the crowd stunned and in awe! This performance was by far one of the best that The Voice has ever seen and I can’t stop watching it!

If you missed the performance check it out in the video below:

Me and Jesus, got our own thing goin’
Me and Jesus, got it all worked out
Me and Jesus, got our own thing goin’
We don’t need anybody to tell us what it’s all about

I know a man, who once was a sinner
I know a man, who once was a drunk
And I know a man, who once was a looser
He went out one day and made an alter out of a stump

Jesus brought me through all of my troubles
Jesus brought me through all of my trials
Jesus brought me through all of my heartaches
And I know that Jesus ain’t gonna’ forsake me now

We can’t afford any fancy preachin’
We can’t afford any fancy church
We can’t afford any fancy singin’
You know Jesus got a lot of poor people out doin’ his work”

I think there needs to be more songs about Jesus on The Voice! What do you think!?

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