After Weeks Of Rumors, Joanna Gaines Comes Clean And Just Revealed…


Joanna Gaines gets really personal in recent interview and opens up about things we never expected.

Chip and Joanna Gaines are one of TV’s most talked about couples, and rightfully so because they are two of the most incredible human beings on the face of the earth. If you don’t know who they are, you need to watch their show “Fixer Upper” and it will tell you everything that you need to know.

They are kind, generous and they love God which makes us love them even more than we did before. Since they are so famous, have four children and have their own business to run things can get a little crazy for the couple.

In a recent interview with Country Living, Joanna opened up about her busy life saying that her creative ideas usually come to her when she is lying down to go to sleep. She says that is when her ideas come and she just has to write them down so she can find a way to execute them the next day.

She says that the only reason she loses sleep its because of all of the fun stuff going on.

“During the day I’m thinking of schedules and meetings, and then at night when I lay my head down, that’s when I get thinking,” said Joanna to “The design starts coming when I try to go to sleep. When I’m finally resting, that’s when the inspiration comes. I write it down in the journal, and then explore the next day,” added the “Fixer Upper” star. “What keeps me up is fun stuff because I just love what we do. I feel like it’s one of those fun stages where I’m not complaining that I’m not getting enough sleep.”

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Chip on the other hand, says that his reasons for losing sleep are a little more on the personal side. He explains them as “agricultural concerns” like hearing a coyote coming around their property.

“For me, it’s less about business,” he explained to the magazine’s site. “What keeps me up at night is the idea that a coyote could come to our place and get our beautiful, little goats that have just been born in the last few weeks. When I hear those little suckers, hooping and hollering, I’m always like ‘Oh no! There’s a coyote, I better go check on them.’ It’s more agricultural concerns that keep me up at night.”

Thankfully, neither one of them stay up thinking about anything too serious or concerning. They just want to make sure that their family and their business is safe and always moving forward!

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