After Years Of Frustration, Dirty Job’s Mike Rowe Makes An Emotional Plea


Dirty Jobs host Mike Rowe just opened up about one of his biggest frustrations to the public.

In a world where emojis and text lingo is the popular, Dirty Jobs’ Mike Rowe is against it all. Since texting and emojis have become so popular people have found shortcuts for everything.

Although it’s a fun sensation, Rowe has some very strong thoughts about it all. On Fox News’ “Tucker Carlson Tonight” Thursday, he explained that their constant use could lead to the “deterioration of vital communication skills.”

“It’s nothing to get angry about, but it’s unnerving,” Rowe told host Tucker Carlson. “What is next? Just grunts? Interpretive dance?”


Rowe continued to say that even adults are starting to use abbreviations and text linga and that it’s affecting the way they communicate in person. He believes that this is why some young job candidates aren’t getting hired.

When they are trying to interview the candidates aren’t making the employers excited because they don’t know how to hold a literate conversation anymore. Of course, not all young adults are this way but most of them have become lazy in the way they communicate because of texting and emojis.

It’s bleeding into their real life communication skills and it could be the very reason that some of the young adults are struggling to find successful careers. I personally have never thought about it this way, but hearing what Lowe had to say made it all so clear.

This makes so much sense!

“Grown people are now communicating with texts that say, ‘You are great,’ but ‘great’ is ‘gr8.’ I mean, it’s like we’re all hooked on phonics again with now the little emoji things combined. They’re not using their words to a degree that’s making people excited about hiring them, and that ultimately is why the emoji’s gotta go,” he told Carlson. “People just don’t know how to interview, they don’t know what to say. I think this general assault on the conventional norms of work .. has kind of bled over into a kind of assault on the lexicon,” Rowe added. “I don’t know if it’s a harbinger of the end of days, but it is troubling.”

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