Vince Gill Reveals Painful News, This Is So Hard To Watch

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Vince Gill, who’s been churning out hit after hit since the 1980’s, has quite a knack for moving people with his music.

One of his biggest, most emotional hits was the 1995 single, “Go Rest High on that Mountain.” Sure, it was a beautiful song, but when he opened up about the meaning and emotions behind it, we were heartbroken!

Gill began writing the song after the death of country star, Keith Whitley; however, he didn’t finish it until years later when his older brother, Bob, died from a heart attack. The song was so powerful, he was asked to perform it during the funeral for country music legend, George Jones in 2013 in which the singer was so emotional there were points he could barely sing the words! The entire audience was moved to tears, which according to his interview with PopZette, is exactly his intent… to give his audience a personal connection with his music.

At the end of the day, I want my playing to move somebody. Not to impress them.

Although Gill is admittedly a pretty happy person, he expresses his sadness and sorrow through his music which is why he has such a strong connection to the song.

When something comes from a really honest place, it goes a few notches deeper

Watch the video below of Gill singing the highly emotional “Go Rest High on that Mountain.”

For anyone struggling over the loss of a loved one, this song is so EMOTIONAL!

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